This is the Wiki for our Sunday 3.5 Dungeon & Dragons game. Jon is the GM of our campaign wiki. If it suits him he can make private notes in the wiki only he can see, but any of us can edit the public wiki however we see fit.

You can view our group’s schedule here. Please annotate any days you’re not available to play so that we can make a schedule in advance.

We’ve been adventuring around the town of Daggerford, and been dealing with servants of Talos in the Lizard Marsh. For information concerning the Forgotten Realms you can go to the FR Wiki and read up on the campaign world.

There’s a handy NPC guide we’ve posted here.

For those of you who don’t own a copy of the books, or even if you do, the System Reference Document is a valuable resource. It’s got everything a player needs, and a lot of what a DM needs to know to run his game. The SRD is a legal, organized, and complete.

Here’s a link to the official Wizards of the Coast 3.5 Character Sheet and the 3.5 Archive.

We can use this site to keep track of things in the game. Using e-mail to communicate primarily is probably a good idea, but having this site for reference wouldn’t hurt. I would list the group’s contact information, but this site is open to the public and I’m sure we’d want our information kept private.

I’d like to use this site to keep track of experience point totals and equipment, but the more we can use this resource for the better our game will be.

Sunday D&D

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