Sunday D&D

Heroes are we

Drunk on the accolades of their adoring public but still acutely aware of the dangerous Temple of Talos threatening Daggerford, the party sets themselves to the nearby hamlet of Gillian’s Hill. They intend find the Ranger A. Quinn and the contracter M. Feldrick. The two residents of Gillian’s Hill had dealings with the evil Temple of Talos a year before, and may be a link to R. Galisan, the temple’s financier, or the Lizard Marsh Temple’s high-priest.
Meanwhile, the Duke of Daggerford oversees a possible alliance between his people and the Blackscales. Hopefully this coalesces into a favorable exchange on both sides.
Cliff paid for mercenaries to be hired and brought to Daggerford. The mercenaries coming to Daggerford will surely have an effect on the economy, hopefully for the better. Maybe this will drudge up a connection with the Waterdhavian mercenaries?


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