Sunday D&D

Saving Prisoners from Temple of Talos

Prisoners, Talos, Lightningmass

We used a portal hidden underground in a grove to infiltrate the Temple of Talos. This was timed during the Lightningmass ceremony so that we would have the least resistance. We were successful at saving 6 prisoners and acquiring a hefty loot: a dragon’s head, and 5 books being the most significant.
Upon our exit, the most courageous Tash Elleri ingeniously collected the ritualistic portal items into a bag. Upon exiting through, and using a very long rope, he pulled the items through, collapsing the portal. During our travels through the swamp, we were chased by Wyvern that manifested upon the collapse.
If you are reading this from my group please feel free to add facts and adjust spelling. I’m hoping we can have at least one update from each session on here. It’ll be great to gloss over before each campaign to reorient ourselves.


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