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Lizard Marsh

Lizard Marsh is the former site of the human city of Tavaray, and lies directly south of the Shining River as it flows into the Sea. The Marsh forms the western edge of territory claimed by Daggerford . Lizard Marsh is an extremely dangerous place, full of ruins from Tavaray, along with tribes of Lizard Folk, Dinosaurs, and a Temple of Talos, the Stormlord. The Lizard Marsh is where the party first engaged major feats of heroism and daring-do.

Major Locations

Sarpathi Grove : Visited by the party, site of a major showdown with Sarasker. Grove formerly held by druids in the era of Tavaray. The party discovered a portal to the Temple of Talos within, and used it to mount a rescue of several townsfolk from Daggerford on the 6th night of Lightningmas, a Talosian religious festival ending on the Feast of the Moon. The portal was keyed to a mock completion of a Talosian ceremony called “Call the Lightning.” The party sabotaged the portal, releasing an extraplanar hound, and causing serious structural damage to the facility under the grove.

Temple of Talos : A recently renovated temple devoted to Talos, The Stormlord. Temple is of ancient construction, and appeared to hark back to the days of Tavaray. The party visited the temple on Uktar the 24th (the 6th day of Lightningmas), and slew a number of Temple Guards with speed and care, rescuing 6 townsfolk from Daggerford

The Lighthouse : The party has heard rumor of a lighthouse along the coast in the marsh. Unclear of the location. Information from Sarasker.

Central Tavaray Ruins : This is reported to be the hiding spot of The Blackscale Tribe, a group of Lizardfolk still loyal to the dead Dragon Ixitichlan , a Black Dragon of great power. The party has spared Sarasker in return for his services as liason with the Blackscale Tribe in the central Tavaray Ruins

Power Groups

Temple of Talos: Unclear of numbers following party’s sabotage of temple. Has acted as antagonist to the people of Daggerford , capturing 20 townsfolk for nefarious means. Appear to have sacrificed at least 6. The Temple of Talos seems to have gained the confidence of a tribe of Lizardfolk, and had the head of Ixitichlan, a Black Dragon, in their treasure horde.

Lizard Marsh

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