Ondaramore Asrilaunimaor

Elven wizard, item-crafter, and conspirator


Ondaramore, who’s true elven name is Asrilaunimaor, is from Leuthilspar, the capital of Evermeet. To understand Ondaramore you must understand that his is of the Ar-tel-quessir, the sun elves, and that he and his people are tasked by Corellon Larethian to preserve the history and tradition of the elves. Early in his life Ondaramore became obsessed with the sonnets, poems, and recitations which are woven together to form the history of his people. He began a long path of study at the Te-lhalisl-labas, the library temple of Labelas Enorath, elven god of history and time. The priests of the small sect of Labelas Enorath were impressed by Ondaramore’s thirst for knowledge, and began to tutor him in history and religion. As Ondaramore delved deeper into the secrets of the past he began to piece together his own arcane education. A cantrip in a brief history of the Sound of Baleful Tears, a mystic equation in a book describing the travels of an elven hero, some occasional advice from the more traditional learned among his caste all coalesced to make Ondaramore an arcane scholar. No secrets compelled his study more than the secrets of history, however.

When in 1371 the isle of Evermeet was assaulted by the Malarites Ondaramore fought with the defense, but was injured early and did not participate in most of the fight. Nonetheless the bravery of the scholar earned him a minor position in the Evermeet governing body. He has recently been commissioned to research the location of a mythal which is reputed to be within the Silver Marshes, but on the voyage from Evermeet was betrayed by one of his companions and lost the map charged to him. Ondaramore is certain that the agent who stole the map is unable to read it without the cipher. Ondaramore hid the cipher, which unbeknown by anyone else was written on the tang of his sword, by trading it to a farmer for a horse.

Ondaramore Asrilaunimaor

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